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Honda Airbag Recall Expansion in 2010

On February 9, 2010, Honda Motor Co. announced an expansion of the 2009-2010 Honda airbag recall to include an additional 437,763 vehicles, bringing the total number of Honda vehicles recalled to nearly 1 million.

The ongoing recall addresses a problem with the driver’s airbag inflator, which can produce too much force when deployed and cause metal shards to pass through the airbag cushion material, resulting in injury or even death. Honda has received 12 reports of the airbag inflation problem, with 11 injuries and one fatality in May 2009 resulting from the defective airbag.

The expanded airbag recall affects the following Honda models:

  • 2001, 2002: Accord, Civic, Odyssey, CR-V
  • 2002: Acura TL

Honda will replace the driver’s side air bag inflator in the recalled vehicles. This announcement is an expansion of two prior recalls involving the same issue (November 2008 and July 2009), which was discovered after a company investigation.



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