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At Newsome Melton, we help bring back financial security to individuals and families affected by defective products

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Has your health or the health of your loved one suffered due to malfunctioning products?

Every year thousands of people are needlessly killed and injured as the result of malfunctioning products. Unfortunately, based on the facts, a product malfunction claim may be the only option for a victim and their family to receive compensation they need for care and treatment.

Why Work With Us:

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    Has your health or the health of your loved one suffered due to malfunctioning products?

    We limit our practice to only the most serious injury cases involving malfunctioning products, spinal cord injuries or death. Because we help only clients with the most serious injuries, we don't have a “volume” practice, like other law firms who take anything that comes in the door. As our client, you will know and work directly with us, your lawyers - not just a legal assistant or paralegal.

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    We bring financial strength and experience in the courtroom to your side

    Our firm has received the highest peer review ratings because we win cases - not just through settlements - but in the courtroom and in trial with juries and judges. With a proven track record of litigating serious cases against big hospitals and corporations, the other side knows we have the financial strength to go the distance.

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    No up-front costs and no fees whatsoever unless you win

    Through trial, a typical product malpractice case will cost in excess of 150, 000 for things like expert witnesses, depositions, filing fees and exhibits. And this is in ADDITION to the attorney’s fees. Most families can’t afford to pay fees or costs so we handle most of our clients on a contingency fee basis. This means we front all of the costs and get paid from a percentage of the recovery. And if we lose (which fortunately only rarely happens), you don’t owe us a dime for fees or costs.

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